Embracing Myself !

I sat there, whole day, trying hard to keep my spirits high and head low

But a voice inside me kept on pestering me for nothing

I sat there, wandering into nothingness without a hope of return

And the voice encouraged me to go deeper and deeper into the dark abyss

I sat there, prejudiced by the past and intimidated by the future

But the same voice kept on pushing me a little further towards the nightmare

I sat there, cursing everything IN me for not coming out

And the voice magnified every thought and continued its demonic dominance

Then I asked myself, “Are YOU me are someone else?”

The voice smiled and said mockingly, “Yes, I’m you or else you’re possessed”

I asked impatiently “Why this?”

The voice replied, “The mirror inside you is concaved and i’m the image”

I stood up, smiled, stepped outside and…..Embraced myself !



About uns3108

I'm a thinker, philosopher, reader and a rebel. That's all what i can come up with.

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