Ramifications of happiness

Everybody wants to be happy in their lives. Believe it or not, it is the only goal in our lives and all our actions are, directly or indirectly, linked to it. We may deny this fact, but it’s so true. But happiness is a state of mind and mind is a highly confused machine. Take this for instance; ask yourself what you want in life? It can be anything, a snazzy stretch limousine, writing a book, marriage, status, French wine, an MBA, peace of mind, etc. The list is infinitely large. But as the sand evolves in an hour-glass so does our wants and desires. 10 years down the lane, there’s a very high chance that our wants will change. Moreover, we always have more than one want and it is next to impossible to find a pattern in it. Our brain science is still a sapling and our scientists are working on it.

I was watching this film called “Invention of Lying” yesterday. The film was based on a hypothetical world, an alternate reality, where there is no such thing as “Lying” and everybody said the “Absolute truth”.

“Awwwww, What an Ugly baby, it looks like a RAT !”

“Boss, I’m not coming today……..NO, I’m fine, it’s just I hate being there”

“Can I have your order please?……. Sorry sir, but I don’t think that you can afford that!”

The concepts like “Fiction”, “Imagination”, “Story-Telling”, “Speculation” were missing in this society. The TV commercials were extremely straight forward, there was no religion and movies were based only on historical facts. Then one day, our hero, Mark Bellison (Ricky Gervais) tells the world’s first lie. Mark uses his discovery to bring order in his life, writes a script (he’s an unsuccessful script writer) based on complete fiction and becomes rich and famous.

In our world, everybody lies. We lie to our mothers and wives about the meal they made and how delicious it was, though it might be opposite. The reason is simple; we don’t want to disappoint her as it will bring unhappiness to everybody, and especially to us. We lie to our bosses while taking a leave for the fear of loosing our job and our momentary unhappiness that prevails. We lie to our kids about a weekend outing or a new toy for we don’t want to see tears in their eyes and that’ll surely make us unhappy. We lie to our doctor about a specific symptom as it might prevent us from eating our favorite chocolate (Chocolate has Neuroactive Akaloids that generates euphoric feelings in our minds; Happiness!). We lie to ourselves while looking in the mirror as we don’t want to de-motivate ourself. We lie about the fact that we lie as we hate being framed as a liar.

So one of the strongest ramifications of happiness is a LIE!


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I'm a thinker, philosopher, reader and a rebel. That's all what i can come up with.

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