My thoughts on Music

Music is not just the way of life; it is the way TO life. It is something that makes you happy, it makes you smile, it makes you elated even when you are out of luck. Many a times we are in situations that take a toll from our energies and make us feel dull, irritated and unhappy. Like a fight with our spouse/lover, issues at work/office, bad grades and many other societal trivialities. But at home, office or in a car, listening to your favourite track rekindles your spirit momentarily and makes you oblivious of the all troubles that surround you.

Today, I was having this discussion with a friend on music and about its definition and impact on our individual personalities. He was telling me about his love for music and how he bought a radio set in his 2nd grade. He told me that with passing time and its various ramifications, his interest in music has faded and doesn’t carry the same enthusiasm and passion that he had, when he was a kid. Moreover, it allows him to be a part of the trend and a wider cult, outside. This so-called cult is nothing but our society that manipulates our lives and change the way we perceive, interpret and map things. Our society demands people to walk on a single unique path and people who don’t take that path are suppressed, taunted and ultimately, ignored. And most of us hate being ignored so we don’t mind being manipulated by this society. Only few have the courage and strength to take the road less travelled and create a new path for others to follow.

I would like to share some of my personal believes on music and how it became my first love (and maybe last!!!) in life. I come from a family with a diversified taste of genre. For instance, my father is a hardcore metal head and his favourite band is Pink Floyd and like all Pink Floyd fans, he’s superfluously emotional for it. Never try to judge or comment on any Pink Floyd’s track when he’s near as you’ll loose the battle even before the argument starts. Even the good and more appreciating ones will be treated with raised eyebrows. On the contrary, my mother’s taste in music is of a typical Indian, middle class, married women. Her favourite artist is Rafi sahab. She loves cooking and that’s the time when one can hear her singing “Abhi naa jao chod kar……” one of her favourite tracks. After 24 years of my life with her, I’m sure of one thing, she sings when she’s happy. And that’s the case with most of the people I guess. My sister has one of the oddest tastes in music. Not because of her choice of genre, but the CHOICES of genre. She likes listening to pop, hip-hop, bollywood, Indian classical, metal, trance etc. She says that her mood defines her choice of genre. But only God knows the real reason. As for me, I love Pink Floyd (but I refrain commenting on any of it’s songs in front of Abba), I’ve started to like old Hindi film songs lately and I also have this habit of changing  genre from time to time. So is there a pattern over here? I guess so.


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I'm a thinker, philosopher, reader and a rebel. That's all what i can come up with.

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