Invention that’ll rock the world (At Shodhyatra)

Have you ever come across a moment in your life when you felt that it is THE moment? A moment that will change our future and postpone the catastrophe that we think is inevitable? A moment that will shake the foundation of our ‘beloved’ basics that our scientists bombarded upon us and on which we have made many laws & theories that guides the economical, political, and sociological development of all the countries? A moment that gives us a chance to redeem our mistakes and re-live our lives like humans does?   Well, I have!

It all happened in my 2-day educational cum awareness tour to a village called “Daula” near Meerut in Uttar Pradesh. The name of this tour was “Shodhyatra” which means “Travelling in search of innovations” in Hindi. Let me give you a brief introduction of what this tour is all about. It was started by Prof Anil Gupta, director of Indian institute of management, Ahemadabad. The main motive behind it was to take people to various villages and rural areas of our country and make them aware of all the ground realities there which are invisible to the people living in urban cities. It was also aimed at educating the villagers on certain ethical but unnoticed issues that are still prevailing in our rural societies eg Women empowerment, de-motivation towards education, water conservation issues etc. Last Shodhyatra happened in Cheerapoongi and was around15 days long. Ours was a shorter version of it. We covered three villages on the first day and another three villages on the second day. Our mentor there was Mr Kishan Pal, who runs Grameen Parivaran Vikas Nigam (GPVN), a non governmental organization. Mr Pal was a man of few words. I’m yet to see a man so emotionally attached to his people and his society. He was extremely committed to his roots and all his energies were focussed towards one goal: a better rural life. He was our mentor, host and guardian for two days.

I’ll try to cut short my complete account on Shodhyatra (maybe I’ll cover it in my next blog) due to paucity of time, yours as well as mine. I’ll take you straight to our last day and our visit to the last village Basaud. There we met a man named Hamid. Now, in the first paragraph of this article, I made an exaggerated understatement just to honour this man. This man, a fifth grade drop out, mechanic by profession and almost below poverty line, invented an engine that runs on air pressure. Yes, AIR PRESSURE! It converts the pressure energy into mechanical energy that rotates piston which can further be converted into many other forms of energies. Sky is the limit. And all that with zero pollution and almost zero maintenance since there was negligible friction in its internal parts.

Now, the moment we saw this masterpiece, our minds were full of questions and especially the science students in our class. But Hamid sahab refused to give us any more details about his project, on which he has spent 20 years of his life, to protect his invention from counterfeit and rightly so.  He has dealt with a number of requests from many top automobile companies of India, in past. They wanted to buy his invention for an extremely petty amount that was nowhere near to its real worth. He refused them outright, for obvious reasons.

The purpose of this article is not only to draw your attention towards the Hamid sahab and his invention but also to make you think over the umpteen number of possibilities that might evolve from Hamid sahab’s invention (which is very close to inventing a time machine!).

Picture this (A futuristic but probable future):

You want to take your kids for a ride in your new car. It is small, light and extremely inexpensive. Why? It doesn’t need any conventional fuel to run. It doesn’t need a battery to start. It can run continuously, 24/7 without stopping anywhere. Now, you don’t have to stop at those piquing gas stations for refilling. Now you don’t have to fear the apocalypse that might happen once we deplete all our non-renewable source of energies.  Now, you don’t have to be a side cast in the OPEC saga and tolerate its obnoxious price manipulations. You are your own boss. And all this with zero pollution and zero maintenance? Sounds unbelievable?

Not Anymore!!!!!!


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