Mentos Monkey-Donkey Ad: My Favorite !!!

I’ve always found the evolution of human race to be one of the most fascinating processes in our biological development over the years. The fact that we’ve evolved from monkeys is even more irresistible.

Now, there’s this ad by Mentos which is metaphorically based on the human evolution. It’s an animation ad which starts with a scene where a donkey is riding a cart, with no wheels, which is being pulled by a monkey. There are some assumptions that are tacitly mentioned in the ad:

  • The human race hasn’t evolved yet
  • Donkeys are a superior race
  • Wheels haven’t been discovered yet.

While pulling, monkey finds a Mentos lying on the ground, picks it up and offer it to donkey to which he refuses. So the monkey eats it. The motto of Mentos is “Dimaag kee batti jalaye” (Lights up your mind). The moment monkey eats it he starts running and consequently starts evolving into a human being. Now, monkey (who is no more a monkey) reaches donkey (i.e. monkey has taken a full round of the earth) who is still sitting on the cart waiting for his monkey to come and pull him. But monkey is no more a monkey and it has evolved into a smarter and stronger race: Man hence its donkey’s turn now to pull the cart.

Everytime I see this ad, a question comes to my mind, “What’ll happen if donkey eats Mentos in place of monkey?” A ‘Donkeyish’ Man?


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I'm a thinker, philosopher, reader and a rebel. That's all what i can come up with.

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