Circle of life and death

This post might look a bit disturbing to some audience. Viewer discretion is advisable.

I wrote this post 2 years ago when one of our very good friend, well-wisher, who happens to my mother’s boss as well, Mrs V Ramamurthy, left us into eternal tranquility. She was a brave woman who fought leukemia for 2 years. She kept it a secret from the world around her but the disease eventually took over her body one day and she had to leave this world. But somehow she left a void in many of us especially who were in touch with her, worked with her, lived with her and I want to spread this void through this small piece, which is a tribute to her. The more people read this, the larger is the void. A void that will always reserve a place for her in our hearts and will remind us of her.

Death and Life are the two hands of the same person. And that person is GOD itself. I may sound a little morbid, but that is wat i can say right now……u may call it convenience of time. God throws a boomerang(HUMANS) from one hand (LIFE) , the boomerang swirls through air…..twist and turns….but returns back. God catches it by its other hand (DEATH). I may sound a little philosophical……but i’m actually confused, life is damn complicated. We live ___________ We die. Simple…..but why do we make this gap between life and death DAMN complicated !!!!


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I'm a thinker, philosopher, reader and a rebel. That's all what i can come up with.

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