Sweat for a Cause !

Organized by students of IWSB, Greater Noida.

Man was not born to run. Rather, man was not made to run. Still we run. Still we exhaust ourselves. Still we sweat. And we love it.

We love it for we all want to look good.

We love it for we’re doing something about it.

But are we really doing something for being good?

Man was born to live in herds. Rather, man was made to live in herds for he’s a social animal. These herds got bigger and bigger by each passing day. And today, we don’t even know that ancestors of this 6 year old rag-picker (Deprived of nutrition, education and love) were a part of our herd.

And we ignore them!

And we call ourselves social? Give me a break!

So here’s your break!

Be a part of Eduthon-2011, a 10 km run for every child’s right to education, organized by Antral. Now is your chance to look good-by being good.

Sweat for a cause!


For participation or sponsorship, please call at:



About uns3108

I'm a thinker, philosopher, reader and a rebel. That's all what i can come up with.

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  1. Very well articulated invitation with really a simple and nice poster !!

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