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Legends of the Indian Hat !

Legends of the Indian Hat
(DISCLAIMER: All the hats in this write-up are fictitious and do not reflect any HAT that we wear, sell or make in reality)

1. ‘Neta Ji’ Hat: Wear me and all your bad deeds (including corruption) will wash away without taking a dip in the sacred river. 
2. ‘Skull’ hat: Wear me and you’ll have the right to decide who’s the true Muslim.
3. ‘Aye Aye Am’ hat: Wear me and you’ll have the best jobs in this country, no matter how dumb you are.
4. ‘Thaggu’ hat: Wear me and you can make a jack ass out of any body. Even Einstein. 
5. ‘Baap ke’ hat: Wear me and everything will rightly belong to your fore fathers. Especially the road.
6. ‘Aam Aadmi’ hat: Wear me and you’ll look like a common man even when you’re not.
7. ‘Namashkar’ hat: Wear me and a mere gesture of joining your hands will make everyone bow in front of you.
8. ‘Middle finger’ hat: Wear me and you’ll look cool all your life. Even while abandoning your parents.
9. ‘Khade L*** pe garv’ hat: Wear me and you’ll get away from all the rapes that you do.
10. ‘Kala patta’ hat: Wear me and you’ll never see any dirt around you. Even if it’s inside your house.
11. ‘Lath’ hat: Wear me and you’ll have the right to shove up a ‘lath’ inside anybody who messes with you.


Dichotomies of Mumbai !

A guy playing aggressive air guitar in the local train full of people who survived yet another day on ant’s plate. 

The guy then buys some weed from a local pan shop whose owner runs a brothel, a restaurant and drives a Mercedes. 

A worker at that brothel has adopted a dog that was abandoned by its rich mistress.

The mistress is gathering strength to write a suicide note for she caught her beloved husband red handed, in bed, with their maid.

The maid’s son is studying in city’s best engineering college, struggling to get rid of his addiction for canabis and is suffering from borderline schizophrenia.


True Lies

“Telling a lie to your parents is not the easiest thing to do. No matter how big-fat-white liar you are!”
I’m sure there’ll be a ‘million eyebrows’ raised after reading this statement of mine. Take it easy folks! This one is coming straight from heart (like it always does 😛 ) Yes. Telling a lie to your parents is not at all a piece of cake. Especially when:
1. Your parents are smart & intelligent (and they all are when it comes to catching you red handed)
2. Your past is against you
But through all these years of consistent lying with a straight-face, poker-face, smiling-face, frowning-face, blah-blah-blah-face, I would like to tell you what I’ve observed. What I’ve learned. But if you think it is some sort of a guide like ’10 ways to get away from em’ or ‘5 full proof ways to successful lying’, then please STOP right now. It’s NOT a guide but a LOG.
Want to add YOUR learnings? Be my guest!

I have only TWO rules for this game. (And I follow them piously):

It is fine to hide things from your parents, in a form of a lie IF & only IF:

Rule#1. Telling them the TRUTH will do more HARM than good. To them. To you. To everyone. And there are umpteen such scenarios. Think!

Rule#2. If telling a lie helps you to achieve that ‘Ultimate Long Term Goal’. (But only if it’s not contradicting with Rule#1) Yes! Everyone’s has a goal in there lives. Some of us knew about it. Some of us realized it just NOW. Some of us WILL realize it nth hours/days/months years from now. So whenever you’re lying, ask yourself. How will it impact that goal of yours? Will it deter it? Will it catalyse it? Do accordingly!

So here you are.
Your comments are most welcome! 🙂

First steps !


The city that redefines chaos ! A lot has been written and a lot has been said. Would you care for some more? Here’s my first log from the land of dichotomies, mysteries and anomalies.

My very first reaction for the city was the time when I stepped out from my flight. It was more of a reflex action rather than reaction. For my body (more precisely my nose) reacted to something very staunch and peculiar: A blast of shit. Please folks, don’t take me wrong. I’m the same Indian who grew up in places which were far from being clean but this was something absolutely new to me. And that too at a hangar in an international airport, was what surprised me the me the most. As I moved on, my body got accustomed to this newly found aura of the city.

As I stepped into the heart of city, I noticed things about the city that would be better explained in points and not in a paragraph. Here you go !

1. It looks like the whole city is kept on a giant automatic walker. Everybody is on a move. Now I know why earth is moving.

2. I think the population here should be measured in people per square centimeter and not kilometer.

3. There are no markets here for they are everywhere. Whole city is a market with sub-markets, sub-sub markets,  sub-sub-sub markets and so on. I think you got the point !

4. No matter what your name is, everybody will call you “Puchhh” (An odd sound that comes from your mouth when you inhale with a stiff pout).

5. Everybody is a “Boss” here.

6. What is most surprising is, after all this, they’re still smiling and laughing. And they do it more than you guys, living out there in not-so-chaotic cities.

7. People out here are damn helpful. My cab driver, on way from airport did something totally unexpected and surprising, the moment I told him that I’m from Delhi. He turned on the AC (though I booked for a Non AC cab). Gave me a brief introduction of the city (All the DOs and DONTs) and helped me in finding my place, for the next two and a half hours !

It’s true that Delhi might have got many infrastructural advantages but

Dil ke mamle mein, Dilli pichhe hai

I would also like to state the name of people I’m missing like hell. Though it might be completely out of context but…..TO HELL WITH THE CONTEXT. YEH MERA BLOG HAI !

Here’s the list:

Sana Noor, Tabish Noor, Anjum Tabish, Mudassir Ahmed, Rustam Singh Sandhu, Shewta Mittal, Shubhangi Pandey, Vipin Singh Aswal,, Tanya, Padmaja Pandey, Neeraj Singh, Rahul Joshi, Mayank Pathak, Rajiv, Varija Sharma, Alam, Avinash, Navneet Kapoor, Rajeev Ranjan, Rachna Shroff and my whole IWSB-PG12 batch.

Some of the inanimate ones (though they aren’t):

apa’s cheeks, WE’s night-outs at my place,HAPPINESS sessions with muddu and neeraj,  Outbound-1, my classroom, the podium, my hostel room, Kotler (Which I accidentally forgot to bring), the tum-tum ride to Gr Noida from Noida and yes Delhi Metro !

Miss you all a lot !

13 moments that made me look like a Goose!

This post is solely about the strongest goose skin moments that I’ve experienced till now. Please don’t be judgemental about any of them since one can get a goose skin anytime, anywhere and at any reason. Here you go!

  1. Pink Floyd’s extra long solos: Nothing can beat the extra long string frequencies that come out of their solo guitar pieces (all thanks to Gilmour; he’s a genius). The frequencies are so procrastinated that, as the melody reaches its climax, so does you!
  2. Film ‘Jo Jeeta Wahi Sinkader’s’ last scene, where the protagonist of the film, Aamir Khan overtakes his infamous and obnoxious opponent, played by Deepak Tijori, to win the bicycle race. The whole scene is shown in slow-motion. I’ve seen this film several times, yet my whole body gets jittery when this scene comes.
  3.  Natwest Final between India and England!
  4. Watching Yuvraj hitting six sixes in an over!
  5. Harry Potter Series: Though I’m in love with the series and there are umpteen number of instances where I became a goose yet there’s is one scene that gives me goose-skin even when I think about it. It’s from the fourth book of the series, “The Goblet of Fire”, when Prof Dumbledore reads out Harry Potter’s name, which surreptitiously comes out of the goblet.
  6. Scene from the film Mission Impossible-II where Tom is hanging from 7000 ft high cliff, without any climbing gear and yet he’s laughing!
  7. Band of Brothers: Though there were many such scenes that can make me look like a real goose any day but there was one such scene that stands out from the lot. It was when lieutenant Speirs takes over the role of commanding officer from inefficient Lt Dike. I cannot define the scene in words for I don’t want to insult the creators of the series and Lt. Speirs himself (Ya Yaaa….he was a real character played by straight from WW-II).
  8. Whenever I think about my Outbound-Part 1.
  9. Watching RDB or thinking of any scene from RDB or listening to any of its songs!
  10. Ads by Ogilvy & Mather’s: Especially, “Mille sur mera tumhara, toh sur banne Humara”
  11. Watching old family/friends’ photographs!
  12.  The thought of lizard lurking in my bed/clothes/cupboard/mind! (Arggggggggh !!!)

Alas, I wish I had more reasons to write but I guess I’m too lazy to think of any more. I’ll surely cover them in my next post.

You must be thinking where’s the 13th one, right? I think a close ‘13’ can be this very moment for I’m getting a chance to revisit each of those moments again that gave and will always give me a helluva goose-skin!

Proud to be a goose !

Friends for Life

Big mistake.  Life on stake.

Verbal battles. Abhorrence rattles.

Murderous rage. Blank page.

Scornful thoughts. Fallible knots.

Cold wars. Closed doors.

Windy presence. Hearts with fence.

Ignorant rats. Blind bats.

Unmet eyes. Unsaid byes.

Skeptical minds. Darkness entwined.

Never ending dive. Roller coaster life.


But we’ve survived. And I’ve arrived.

To a plea that,

Forget this storm. Our mast has form.

Ignore this flood. We’re friends in blood.

It’s time now. To take a vow.

(I’m shouting out aloud)

“We’re friends for life”






Sweat for a Cause !

Organized by students of IWSB, Greater Noida.

Man was not born to run. Rather, man was not made to run. Still we run. Still we exhaust ourselves. Still we sweat. And we love it.

We love it for we all want to look good.

We love it for we’re doing something about it.

But are we really doing something for being good?

Man was born to live in herds. Rather, man was made to live in herds for he’s a social animal. These herds got bigger and bigger by each passing day. And today, we don’t even know that ancestors of this 6 year old rag-picker (Deprived of nutrition, education and love) were a part of our herd.

And we ignore them!

And we call ourselves social? Give me a break!

So here’s your break!

Be a part of Eduthon-2011, a 10 km run for every child’s right to education, organized by Antral. Now is your chance to look good-by being good.

Sweat for a cause!


For participation or sponsorship, please call at:


Renouncing Myself !

There are times when I think that I’m an object

An object of experimentation…

An object of your reminiscent suffocation…

An abomination….


There are times when I think that I’m a Subject

A subject of your scornful mockeries…

A subject of your euphemistic bullies…

A bag full of discarded goodies …


There are times when I think that I’m a reservoir

A reservoir full of unhappiness…

A reservoir to empty all your mess…

A diary where you confess…


But I tell you now….

Here’s my vow….

I will not bow…

For I….

Renounce myself!!!

Outbound: Its significance in my life !!!

This post is very close to my heart. I wrote this piece last year as a part of my academic assignment which later was evaluated. We had to write an account of our learnings from  our college outbound trip to a beautiful place in Uttarakhand called Padampuri. It was one of the most enriching experiences of my life and so far the BEST moments I’d spend without the people I knew, cared or loved and rather with complete strangers. These strangers are no more a stranger to me but a part of me. They are the ones who complete me. This one is (was,will be) for you, ALWAYS.

There are major checkpoints in everyone’s life that defines and divides the important things from NOT SO important things. The outbound has been such a checkpoint for me. Whenever I think of the time I spend there, a very spontaneous smile comes to my face, almost like a reflex action. Not only because of the fun I had there, but the various other incentives that came with it. These incentives have changed my thought process completely.
My learnings are listed below:

1) “If you want to be happy for a year, win the lottery. If you want to be happy for a life time, love what you do”

This is the most valuable jargon in my life now. And it holds true for everything in life. When you love what you’re doing, then your best comes out of you and outshines everyone.

2) “None of us is as smart as all of us”

Ken Blanchard

In a team, one of the most difficult but vital thing is, to be a good listener. Listening to others is something you cannot overlook when you’re in a team. You may have a very good point, maybe better than the other team members, but in a team its’ not the individuality but mutuality that matters.
One more thing that is overlooked is, when a team leader is appointed, you have to follow him or walk with him but never try to lead him as there can never be two leaders in one team. There is nothing wrong in following someone until and unless he/she is asking to jump from a cliff. And in the process, you learn a lot from the person leading.

3) A diversified cultural exposure

One of the most significant things in our batch is the mixed culture from all over the India. We have people from Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkota, Kanpur, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Dehradun, Darjeeling etc. So its like all four corners converging at a point. Now I know
• Punjabi in bits
Cultural shock in Delhi is a point of humor in Bangalore.
• That Kashmir is still a place to go and visit, with family.
And many more things that are not quantifiable but are equally important.

4) Time management

“You will never find time for anything, you must take it”

Charles Buxton

Another one of the attributes that I learned at the outbound, which changed way I think and work. Now suppose, I have an idea and work over it but is unable to come up with something concrete on the right time. Is it of any use?

5) Apart from all these there are UMPTEEN numbers of miscellaneous things that will keep coming in my mind with time and experience. But for that I have to make sure that this outbound experience remains fresh in my mind so that I can learn from it anytime and anywhere, like a BOOK.

Now when I look back, I realize that what merely were INCENTIVES for me are actually the building blocks for my personality. I know see things differently and in a way that makes more me more confident and optimistic.

Circle of life and death

This post might look a bit disturbing to some audience. Viewer discretion is advisable.

I wrote this post 2 years ago when one of our very good friend, well-wisher, who happens to my mother’s boss as well, Mrs V Ramamurthy, left us into eternal tranquility. She was a brave woman who fought leukemia for 2 years. She kept it a secret from the world around her but the disease eventually took over her body one day and she had to leave this world. But somehow she left a void in many of us especially who were in touch with her, worked with her, lived with her and I want to spread this void through this small piece, which is a tribute to her. The more people read this, the larger is the void. A void that will always reserve a place for her in our hearts and will remind us of her.

Death and Life are the two hands of the same person. And that person is GOD itself. I may sound a little morbid, but that is wat i can say right now……u may call it convenience of time. God throws a boomerang(HUMANS) from one hand (LIFE) , the boomerang swirls through air…..twist and turns….but returns back. God catches it by its other hand (DEATH). I may sound a little philosophical……but i’m actually confused, life is damn complicated. We live ___________ We die. Simple…..but why do we make this gap between life and death DAMN complicated !!!!

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