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A FREEpublic Day !

Free from castism
Free from sexism
Free from communalism
Free from regionalism
We bond & bind.
Like a zillion color blind!

Free from corruption
Free from sexual violation
Free from inflation
Free from political suffocation
We sail & float.
Like one crew on a boat!

Free from abhorrence
Free from voilence
Free from ignorance
Free from emotional imbalance
We live long
Like an old classical song


Legends of the Indian Hat !

Legends of the Indian Hat
(DISCLAIMER: All the hats in this write-up are fictitious and do not reflect any HAT that we wear, sell or make in reality)

1. ‘Neta Ji’ Hat: Wear me and all your bad deeds (including corruption) will wash away without taking a dip in the sacred river. 
2. ‘Skull’ hat: Wear me and you’ll have the right to decide who’s the true Muslim.
3. ‘Aye Aye Am’ hat: Wear me and you’ll have the best jobs in this country, no matter how dumb you are.
4. ‘Thaggu’ hat: Wear me and you can make a jack ass out of any body. Even Einstein. 
5. ‘Baap ke’ hat: Wear me and everything will rightly belong to your fore fathers. Especially the road.
6. ‘Aam Aadmi’ hat: Wear me and you’ll look like a common man even when you’re not.
7. ‘Namashkar’ hat: Wear me and a mere gesture of joining your hands will make everyone bow in front of you.
8. ‘Middle finger’ hat: Wear me and you’ll look cool all your life. Even while abandoning your parents.
9. ‘Khade L*** pe garv’ hat: Wear me and you’ll get away from all the rapes that you do.
10. ‘Kala patta’ hat: Wear me and you’ll never see any dirt around you. Even if it’s inside your house.
11. ‘Lath’ hat: Wear me and you’ll have the right to shove up a ‘lath’ inside anybody who messes with you.

Is the time right?

Now is not the time to be cynical about our commonwealth preparations ! Now is not the time to find loopholes anywhere or everywhere ! Now is not the time to show them how it would have been showed or tell them how it would have been told ! Now is not the time to throw obnoxious darts at each other ! So please stop behaving like aliens. Just play your part well and be warned and courteous to our guests. Everyone has a role to play. Not just particular sect of people and just because they’ve got more control in their hands. Though it’s absolutely true that some agents (Or agencies) have diverted their powers towards reservoirs of corruption, but is this the time to enact a court-room drama? Nay ! So as an Indian, i urge you all to stop playing this blame-game (especially to our ignorant MEDIA) and rather play fame-game, for the fame of our country, or a flame-game, to rekindle the flames our hearts. The flames to host the best ever commonwealth games. As when you aim for the ‘best’ things in life you land up with ‘better’ ones.

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