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A FREEpublic Day !

Free from castism
Free from sexism
Free from communalism
Free from regionalism
We bond & bind.
Like a zillion color blind!

Free from corruption
Free from sexual violation
Free from inflation
Free from political suffocation
We sail & float.
Like one crew on a boat!

Free from abhorrence
Free from voilence
Free from ignorance
Free from emotional imbalance
We live long
Like an old classical song


The Order of the Judgmental !

There’s a new world order crawling into our backyards. An order that is destroying our ancient tree of objectivity. The tree that gave us the fruit of reckoning, our food for thought. It gave us the power to think “Why” and “How”. It differentiated humans from animals. It forced us to think what was on the other side. The side that was hidden from the normal eye but if found, brought us great satisfaction and success. It forced 
Einstein to think, Beethoven to compose, Leonardo to paint, Martin Luther to speak, Napoleon to lead & Socrates to teach. But it is lost now. 

Now we think more on “What” & “Where”, write algorithms to think deep, read & follow laws that are already written, draw conclusions based on hollow trends etc. Our brains are now reprogrammed to take the easier and less strenuous route. We’re easily agitated. We’re easily manipulated. We’re easily fooled. We’re turning extremely 
judgmental for that’s the easiest way out.

Legends of the Indian Hat !

Legends of the Indian Hat
(DISCLAIMER: All the hats in this write-up are fictitious and do not reflect any HAT that we wear, sell or make in reality)

1. ‘Neta Ji’ Hat: Wear me and all your bad deeds (including corruption) will wash away without taking a dip in the sacred river. 
2. ‘Skull’ hat: Wear me and you’ll have the right to decide who’s the true Muslim.
3. ‘Aye Aye Am’ hat: Wear me and you’ll have the best jobs in this country, no matter how dumb you are.
4. ‘Thaggu’ hat: Wear me and you can make a jack ass out of any body. Even Einstein. 
5. ‘Baap ke’ hat: Wear me and everything will rightly belong to your fore fathers. Especially the road.
6. ‘Aam Aadmi’ hat: Wear me and you’ll look like a common man even when you’re not.
7. ‘Namashkar’ hat: Wear me and a mere gesture of joining your hands will make everyone bow in front of you.
8. ‘Middle finger’ hat: Wear me and you’ll look cool all your life. Even while abandoning your parents.
9. ‘Khade L*** pe garv’ hat: Wear me and you’ll get away from all the rapes that you do.
10. ‘Kala patta’ hat: Wear me and you’ll never see any dirt around you. Even if it’s inside your house.
11. ‘Lath’ hat: Wear me and you’ll have the right to shove up a ‘lath’ inside anybody who messes with you.

Friends for Life

Big mistake.  Life on stake.

Verbal battles. Abhorrence rattles.

Murderous rage. Blank page.

Scornful thoughts. Fallible knots.

Cold wars. Closed doors.

Windy presence. Hearts with fence.

Ignorant rats. Blind bats.

Unmet eyes. Unsaid byes.

Skeptical minds. Darkness entwined.

Never ending dive. Roller coaster life.


But we’ve survived. And I’ve arrived.

To a plea that,

Forget this storm. Our mast has form.

Ignore this flood. We’re friends in blood.

It’s time now. To take a vow.

(I’m shouting out aloud)

“We’re friends for life”






Sweat for a Cause !

Organized by students of IWSB, Greater Noida.

Man was not born to run. Rather, man was not made to run. Still we run. Still we exhaust ourselves. Still we sweat. And we love it.

We love it for we all want to look good.

We love it for we’re doing something about it.

But are we really doing something for being good?

Man was born to live in herds. Rather, man was made to live in herds for he’s a social animal. These herds got bigger and bigger by each passing day. And today, we don’t even know that ancestors of this 6 year old rag-picker (Deprived of nutrition, education and love) were a part of our herd.

And we ignore them!

And we call ourselves social? Give me a break!

So here’s your break!

Be a part of Eduthon-2011, a 10 km run for every child’s right to education, organized by Antral. Now is your chance to look good-by being good.

Sweat for a cause!


For participation or sponsorship, please call at:


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