Renouncing Myself !

There are times when I think that I’m an object

An object of experimentation…

An object of your reminiscent suffocation…

An abomination….


There are times when I think that I’m a Subject

A subject of your scornful mockeries…

A subject of your euphemistic bullies…

A bag full of discarded goodies …


There are times when I think that I’m a reservoir

A reservoir full of unhappiness…

A reservoir to empty all your mess…

A diary where you confess…


But I tell you now….

Here’s my vow….

I will not bow…

For I….

Renounce myself!!!


Butterfly effect affects

A “Butterfly” dial……

A Bug’s love life

So the Bug and the Flower lived happily every after…..

Bench for GODS

Sattal Forest Resort. You don’t have to DIE to be in HEAVEN !!!

Outbound: Its significance in my life !!!

This post is very close to my heart. I wrote this piece last year as a part of my academic assignment which later was evaluated. We had to write an account of our learnings from  our college outbound trip to a beautiful place in Uttarakhand called Padampuri. It was one of the most enriching experiences of my life and so far the BEST moments I’d spend without the people I knew, cared or loved and rather with complete strangers. These strangers are no more a stranger to me but a part of me. They are the ones who complete me. This one is (was,will be) for you, ALWAYS.

There are major checkpoints in everyone’s life that defines and divides the important things from NOT SO important things. The outbound has been such a checkpoint for me. Whenever I think of the time I spend there, a very spontaneous smile comes to my face, almost like a reflex action. Not only because of the fun I had there, but the various other incentives that came with it. These incentives have changed my thought process completely.
My learnings are listed below:

1) “If you want to be happy for a year, win the lottery. If you want to be happy for a life time, love what you do”

This is the most valuable jargon in my life now. And it holds true for everything in life. When you love what you’re doing, then your best comes out of you and outshines everyone.

2) “None of us is as smart as all of us”

Ken Blanchard

In a team, one of the most difficult but vital thing is, to be a good listener. Listening to others is something you cannot overlook when you’re in a team. You may have a very good point, maybe better than the other team members, but in a team its’ not the individuality but mutuality that matters.
One more thing that is overlooked is, when a team leader is appointed, you have to follow him or walk with him but never try to lead him as there can never be two leaders in one team. There is nothing wrong in following someone until and unless he/she is asking to jump from a cliff. And in the process, you learn a lot from the person leading.

3) A diversified cultural exposure

One of the most significant things in our batch is the mixed culture from all over the India. We have people from Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkota, Kanpur, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Dehradun, Darjeeling etc. So its like all four corners converging at a point. Now I know
• Punjabi in bits
Cultural shock in Delhi is a point of humor in Bangalore.
• That Kashmir is still a place to go and visit, with family.
And many more things that are not quantifiable but are equally important.

4) Time management

“You will never find time for anything, you must take it”

Charles Buxton

Another one of the attributes that I learned at the outbound, which changed way I think and work. Now suppose, I have an idea and work over it but is unable to come up with something concrete on the right time. Is it of any use?

5) Apart from all these there are UMPTEEN numbers of miscellaneous things that will keep coming in my mind with time and experience. But for that I have to make sure that this outbound experience remains fresh in my mind so that I can learn from it anytime and anywhere, like a BOOK.

Now when I look back, I realize that what merely were INCENTIVES for me are actually the building blocks for my personality. I know see things differently and in a way that makes more me more confident and optimistic.

Waiting at the railway crossing !!!

This one is just an abstract one. Just liked the idea of capturing a moving train from my car window.

Was on my way to Sattal. Boredom was tickling my fingers. So i started fidgeting with my camera.

Hopping Grasshopper

I found this chap doing his stuff just next to my bed.

Kung Fu Panda and the Secret Ingredient

Kung Fu Panda and the Secret Ingredient.

Circle of life and death

This post might look a bit disturbing to some audience. Viewer discretion is advisable.

I wrote this post 2 years ago when one of our very good friend, well-wisher, who happens to my mother’s boss as well, Mrs V Ramamurthy, left us into eternal tranquility. She was a brave woman who fought leukemia for 2 years. She kept it a secret from the world around her but the disease eventually took over her body one day and she had to leave this world. But somehow she left a void in many of us especially who were in touch with her, worked with her, lived with her and I want to spread this void through this small piece, which is a tribute to her. The more people read this, the larger is the void. A void that will always reserve a place for her in our hearts and will remind us of her.

Death and Life are the two hands of the same person. And that person is GOD itself. I may sound a little morbid, but that is wat i can say right now……u may call it convenience of time. God throws a boomerang(HUMANS) from one hand (LIFE) , the boomerang swirls through air…..twist and turns….but returns back. God catches it by its other hand (DEATH). I may sound a little philosophical……but i’m actually confused, life is damn complicated. We live ___________ We die. Simple…..but why do we make this gap between life and death DAMN complicated !!!!

My take on “Bhag DK Bose” song.

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