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Agneepath: A Review on the Remake !

One thing is for sure, Karan Johar knows how and where to pinch. (No pun intended please :P) Agneepath was a class act, knowing that it was made with the pressure of million monkeys hanging on the back. Yet it was masterfully made and executed.

The plot

The film was made on a completely different plot from the last one. A daring but an intelligent move since there was no scope for the audiences to make comparisons. Ending was a bit stretched though.

Vijay’s character was simpler, less melodramatic and less egoistic. Unlike the last one, where vijay had a rugged, in your face and Marlon Brando-ish character, this time it was more like a “Boy-next-door-gone-angry-and-will-kick-your-arse” kind of role. The brevity of the dialogues made this role a tough nut but, my-my, Hrithik did cracked it ! He hammered it to smithereens !

Kancha Cheena’s role was little disappointing. Though Baba did a fabulous job of implementing it to perfection and would give “Voldemort” a run for his money (Heck ! He was looking so much like “He who must not be named” !).  Problem was not the implementation but the definition of the role. A little background to the character could have given it perfect finishing stroke. (Like a parallel story along the Vijay’s, in the beginning  ,portraying past life of Kancha and how he became so evil.)

Priyanka again proved that she’s a fine actor and did a nearly perfect job till the point she was alive. Yeah, ALIVE. Coz she dies at the end of the film, completely unnecessarily though. I mean, what is the point of killing her ? Has’nt the guy (Vijay) suffered enough ? What’s wrong with you Karan? I know you like pinching people in their hearts and make them cry audaciously but that was too much man ! I hate you for this ! Buddy, you lost a star on your shoulder due to this blunder.

The biggest surprise package is Rauf Lala’s (Rishi Kapoor) role ! If all you baby boomers out there, love Rishi for his “Chocolaty”, “Cuddly”, “Teady Bearish” roles, then get ready for stunner ! It was a complete make-over. Just one word for the role: Outstanding, Marvelous, Amazing, Awesome. (Sorry, I lied ! 😛 ).

The music was ok. Katrina was looking “Uglyly Cute”. I’m sorry Katrina but “Shibbing & Shaking” is not the tea for your cup. Nope !

The background score will surely make you look like a goose (For more info please read my last blog post Especially the poem by great Harivansh Rai Bachhan !

Lastly, I would rate the film 3.5/5.

Statutory Warning: Please watch this film without any prejudices and pre-conceived notions and dont make comparisons. For you’ll surely sulk !

Thanks for reading !

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