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13 moments that made me look like a Goose!

This post is solely about the strongest goose skin moments that I’ve experienced till now. Please don’t be judgemental about any of them since one can get a goose skin anytime, anywhere and at any reason. Here you go!

  1. Pink Floyd’s extra long solos: Nothing can beat the extra long string frequencies that come out of their solo guitar pieces (all thanks to Gilmour; he’s a genius). The frequencies are so procrastinated that, as the melody reaches its climax, so does you!
  2. Film ‘Jo Jeeta Wahi Sinkader’s’ last scene, where the protagonist of the film, Aamir Khan overtakes his infamous and obnoxious opponent, played by Deepak Tijori, to win the bicycle race. The whole scene is shown in slow-motion. I’ve seen this film several times, yet my whole body gets jittery when this scene comes.
  3.  Natwest Final between India and England!
  4. Watching Yuvraj hitting six sixes in an over!
  5. Harry Potter Series: Though I’m in love with the series and there are umpteen number of instances where I became a goose yet there’s is one scene that gives me goose-skin even when I think about it. It’s from the fourth book of the series, “The Goblet of Fire”, when Prof Dumbledore reads out Harry Potter’s name, which surreptitiously comes out of the goblet.
  6. Scene from the film Mission Impossible-II where Tom is hanging from 7000 ft high cliff, without any climbing gear and yet he’s laughing!
  7. Band of Brothers: Though there were many such scenes that can make me look like a real goose any day but there was one such scene that stands out from the lot. It was when lieutenant Speirs takes over the role of commanding officer from inefficient Lt Dike. I cannot define the scene in words for I don’t want to insult the creators of the series and Lt. Speirs himself (Ya Yaaa….he was a real character played by straight from WW-II).
  8. Whenever I think about my Outbound-Part 1.
  9. Watching RDB or thinking of any scene from RDB or listening to any of its songs!
  10. Ads by Ogilvy & Mather’s: Especially, “Mille sur mera tumhara, toh sur banne Humara”
  11. Watching old family/friends’ photographs!
  12.  The thought of lizard lurking in my bed/clothes/cupboard/mind! (Arggggggggh !!!)

Alas, I wish I had more reasons to write but I guess I’m too lazy to think of any more. I’ll surely cover them in my next post.

You must be thinking where’s the 13th one, right? I think a close ‘13’ can be this very moment for I’m getting a chance to revisit each of those moments again that gave and will always give me a helluva goose-skin!

Proud to be a goose !

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