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First steps !


The city that redefines chaos ! A lot has been written and a lot has been said. Would you care for some more? Here’s my first log from the land of dichotomies, mysteries and anomalies.

My very first reaction for the city was the time when I stepped out from my flight. It was more of a reflex action rather than reaction. For my body (more precisely my nose) reacted to something very staunch and peculiar: A blast of shit. Please folks, don’t take me wrong. I’m the same Indian who grew up in places which were far from being clean but this was something absolutely new to me. And that too at a hangar in an international airport, was what surprised me the me the most. As I moved on, my body got accustomed to this newly found aura of the city.

As I stepped into the heart of city, I noticed things about the city that would be better explained in points and not in a paragraph. Here you go !

1. It looks like the whole city is kept on a giant automatic walker. Everybody is on a move. Now I know why earth is moving.

2. I think the population here should be measured in people per square centimeter and not kilometer.

3. There are no markets here for they are everywhere. Whole city is a market with sub-markets, sub-sub markets,  sub-sub-sub markets and so on. I think you got the point !

4. No matter what your name is, everybody will call you “Puchhh” (An odd sound that comes from your mouth when you inhale with a stiff pout).

5. Everybody is a “Boss” here.

6. What is most surprising is, after all this, they’re still smiling and laughing. And they do it more than you guys, living out there in not-so-chaotic cities.

7. People out here are damn helpful. My cab driver, on way from airport did something totally unexpected and surprising, the moment I told him that I’m from Delhi. He turned on the AC (though I booked for a Non AC cab). Gave me a brief introduction of the city (All the DOs and DONTs) and helped me in finding my place, for the next two and a half hours !

It’s true that Delhi might have got many infrastructural advantages but

Dil ke mamle mein, Dilli pichhe hai

I would also like to state the name of people I’m missing like hell. Though it might be completely out of context but…..TO HELL WITH THE CONTEXT. YEH MERA BLOG HAI !

Here’s the list:

Sana Noor, Tabish Noor, Anjum Tabish, Mudassir Ahmed, Rustam Singh Sandhu, Shewta Mittal, Shubhangi Pandey, Vipin Singh Aswal,, Tanya, Padmaja Pandey, Neeraj Singh, Rahul Joshi, Mayank Pathak, Rajiv, Varija Sharma, Alam, Avinash, Navneet Kapoor, Rajeev Ranjan, Rachna Shroff and my whole IWSB-PG12 batch.

Some of the inanimate ones (though they aren’t):

apa’s cheeks, WE’s night-outs at my place,HAPPINESS sessions with muddu and neeraj,  Outbound-1, my classroom, the podium, my hostel room, Kotler (Which I accidentally forgot to bring), the tum-tum ride to Gr Noida from Noida and yes Delhi Metro !

Miss you all a lot !

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